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With only a few weeks left until Fall 2015 sorority recruitment begins, I started thinking about all the reasons I am glad I went through the recruitment process at NYU just one year ago. I decided to rush my sophomore year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It not only made a large school a little bit smaller, but allowed me to meet my best friends at NYU and get involved with my school, community, and numerous organizations.  Read more

NYU Fall Recruitment

Zeta Fall Recruitment

What is it like to undergo the Fall Recruitment process at NYU? 

NYU has a relatively small Greek Life compared to many large schools, with around 3000 participants equating to about 13% of NYU’s student population. The recruitment process of rushing one of the eight sororities or the multiple multi-cultural chapters varies. The main Fall Recruitment process for seven of the eight sororities was held over two weekends.

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