Non-Conformity to Fall Fashion

Christmas decorations are being set up on the Walgreens in Astor Place. Ice skating rinks are starting to open. It could start snowing in a few weeks. It was in the 50’s in New York City this past week. I still refuse to wear a jacket until November.

Ice-Skating last early November in Central Park
Ice-Skating last early November in Central Park

There are two reasons why I will not wear my winter jacket. 1) Unfortunately my jacket is in storage and I don’t have the time to go to my unit to get my winter things. 2) Last year I rushed into wearing Winter clothing so quickly that I didn’t take the time to delight in the cute Fall fashion. Having lived in (very) warm places for the past ten years, I believe my blood has thinned, making me quite susceptible to cold weather. In other words, once it hits 75ºF I want to only wear sweatshirts and puffy marshmallow jackets to class. I need to force myself to instead to conform with the New York City dress code and follow Fall fashion. For NYU’ers that means definitely no sweatshirts no matter what season. *This rule excludes the NYU crew neck sweatshirt and all Greek life sweatshirts.*

So why does not wearing a jacket until November change anything? Personally, it forces me to think outside the box and rock that sweater that I never would wear if I did have my jackets. It will also make me happier when the temperature drops further and everyone else starts to freeze, because I will just begin wearing my warm things. Besides, when I start wearing my jackets I end up wearing practically the same thing every day, and I know I’m not the only one at all. I might as well try to wear the rest of my clothes before then!

Maybe my logic does not make sense to you, but for the next week I am making a statement to nature that I will not conform to cold weather rules.

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