Fashion on a College Budget: Accessories


Everyone in college knows what it’s like to have barely any money, but college students still want to look good. It can be hard to find really cute things on a small budget, especially when you live in an expensive city (a.k.a. New York City). In October of 2013, I wrote a post about how New York City is always tempting me to shop (Combatting a Shopping Temptation). However, since that time I have realized some great ways to combat the shopping temptation with great, inexpensive finds. I will be dedicating a few blog posts to the subject matter of Fashion on a College Budget, so look forward to succeeding posts!

One fun way to make any outfit look more expensive is to have expensive-looking accessories. I’ve found that Aldo, Nordstrom Rack, and TopShop are great places to get those pieces and I have many staple accessories from those three stores.



IMG_4363Once when walking through Aldo, I found a bright blue purse that costed $50. At first I thought that it was too expensive and walked away. However after thinking longer about it, I realized that the price was great compared to how luxurious and expensive the purse looked. If I had $1 for every compliment I’ve gotten on the purse, I could have paid for two or three more. The bright blue color attracts the eye right away, particularly when paired with my gray-scale outfits, and the shape is also very unique. One of the best parts about the purse is that it zips open along the entire top, opening wide enough for me to see the whole inside and allowing me to fit plenty of miscellaneous items inside of it.

While the electric blue at first seems like it would only work during the Summer, I believe it would also work during any season of the year. A bright-colored handbag is a good way to brighten up any outfit and attract the attention of those around you.

It is also possible to find more expensive purses on sale, and this is exactly what I did with my IMG_3538favorite handbag from Zara. This brown leather purse has accents of cow hair and its sleek design make it look much more expensive than what I paid for it. While the brown coloring limits what seasons I can use it in, I definitely feel like one million bucks when I carry it. Another great place to find more expensive purses on sale is Nordstrom Rack. There, you can find Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors purses in cute styles but for much cheaper than retail prices.



TopShop is a great place to find funky, trendy jewelry. Although the prices are a bit more expensive than Aldo, college students get a 10% discount when a college ID is shown. If you want trendy jewelry, I’d definitely suggest going to TopShop because it has a plethora of accessories, some that are almost so Vogue that you think you couldn’t pull it off. I’ve found some stylish ear cuffs and necklaces from TopShop, but they usually also have a nice collection of modern clutches for trendsetters of all personalities and styles. If you have a love for rings, TopShop has all varieties of rings from midi to normal to cuffed rings. Most of the jewelry there is in gold or silver shades, however, occasionally there are beaded items.


Sunglasses & Hats

In the Fall, felted hats are a must for the trendy New York City girl and Aldo is the place to go for these. I found a great felted hat in cheetah print there and love its plain yet fun design. For those with curly hair, felted hats are helpful for hiding frizzy hair in a trendy way, something I know from experience. While TopShop does also have a surplus of felted hats in the Fall season, these are usually much more expensive and it seems difficult to pay a lot for a hat that will only be worn for a few months.

A pair of fun sunglasses can be used at all seasons of the year, except maybe more difficult to accomplish in the snowy days of Winter. These sunglasses can be found for cheap at Aldo and are great if you want to buy a few pairs that you change every few days or depending on the look you are going for. They may not be the best in quality, but if you are going for a trendy look, it’s worth it. With sunglasses, a classy pair will always be trendy, so spending more on just one pair is always the way to go but it depends on what you want.


Upcoming will be a blog post on wearing Black and White. Until then, good luck accessorizing!

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